Connie is a freelance writer in Aurora, Indiana. She has been published in numerous magazines including Discipleship Journal, Pray!, Creating Keepsakes, and in the anthology, The Ultimate Christmas.

Though she doesn’t consider herself an adventuresome person, she has flown in small planes, crossed a river in a dugout canoe, killed snakes, eaten neque and climbed Chame Mountain in Panama. She and her husband, Harry, served for twelve years there in a school for missionaries’ children.

After returning to the United States, Connie and her husband opened The Center for Christian Counseling. There they ministered the Word of God to those seeking to overcome problems in their lives.

Her years of experience as an elementary teacher were put to use at Community Fellowship Church in Lawrenceburg, Indiana where she led the children’s ministries for ten years.

She now attends Vineyard Community Church in Aurora, Indiana. She also leads a Women’s Bible Study that is attended by women from several area churches.

Connie was excited when her sons married because she gained two daughters-by-love. She now has seven grandchildren (three boys and four girls) from those unions.

In her free time she makes scrapbooks about those grandchildren, goes for walks, and brainstorms her next article idea.

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